Major hooters: Lolo Ferrari

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Lola entered the Guinness Book of records as having the biggest boobs on the planet. Ten years and many surgeries have resulted at the age of 28 each breast of the sexy beauty weight almost 3 kilograms and to measure the filled with silicone chest, to the usual measuring meter you had to add another 57 centimeters.

The owner of huge boobs can sleep only on one side and of superstition was afraid to fly on a plane, because the engineer that produced the bras for her fantastic jewels has warned her : “Lolo, your breasts can blow up during flight from the air pressure!”

Also being panic she was afraid of terrorists and hooligans, which could pierce her appealing hills with anykind of sharp object, moreover that such threats contained also some letters that she received. During her speeches Lolo was guarded by 3 bodyguards which were ready to stop any malefactor.

In the last years of her short, absurdly ended life Lolo began to sing. Her first single was “Airbag Generation” , the second one had some special meaning “Set Me Free”. Her crazy, active life was filled with many movie shoots, photo shoots and concerts, has ended mysteriously and strange.

By official statement Lolo died from an overdose of sleeping pills, but after 2 years when many researches were done because Lolo’s family requested a full investigation of the cause, they have come to the conclusion that she was strangulated. The policemen that were from her native town have accused her husband, which was also her manager, with murder – the 54 years old Eric Vigny.

He married Lolo when she was only 18 years old (he was 39). Bearded, gall, witted cynic he always supported his young wife in her desires towards the scalpel and silicone. More then that Eric became her manager and has started an active enterprise, promoting the brand Ferrari to the international level of fame.

He magically changed the shy Eva (her real name Eva Valua) into the immoral Lolo. When his wife has became the world known actress and model Mr. Vigny with pleasure was collecting all coupons and enjoying the wealth didn’t even considering what was the price paid for all that.

The investigation couldn’t though prove that he was guilty of his wife’s death. On her grave tombstone is written: “Lolo Ferrari, 1970-2000”